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The school for new spies

L'école des nouveaux "espions", the first part of Sentiers de la guerre économique, is first and foremost a personal account of a collective adventure between myths and realities, pretence and the unspoken. It takes readers on a journey of initiation, drawing lessons from the many cases that have been experienced or observed, and offering food for thought on economics and business ethics in a context of economic warfare. It presents both well-known and previously unpublished cases, as well as portraits of these soldiers of the shadows who work or manoeuvre in the antechamber of economic warfare: company directors, intellectuals, investigative journalists or politicians, anonymous spies, students of economic intelligence, patriots specialising in information warfare, etc.

The black side of economics has disqualified all those intellectuals who have (wittingly or unwittingly) ignored it. But we mustn't forget that man is capable of both the worst and the best. So, bon voyage...

Publisher: VA Éditions

Director of the book : Nicolas MOINET

Language : French

Published at : March 2018

Pagination : 185 pages

ISBN : 9791093240718