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Živilė Kalibataitė-Heurs et malheurs de la coopération en matière de défense entre les États baltes depuis les années 1990

The ups and downs of defence cooperation between the Baltic States since the 1990s

Živilė Kalibataitė

Strategic devotes its latest issue to the Baltic Sea, a maritime area whose importance is little known despite its geographical proximity. Edited by Matthieu CHILLAUDThis dossier is presented by Georges-Henri SOUTOUChairman of theISC and member of the Institut. In his editorial, M. SOUTOU recalls the importance of this sea from the Middle Ages onwards, which the modern and contemporary eras have since confirmed up to the two world wars. The stakes and rivalries have not lost their intensity since the end of the Cold War. Today, the Baltic Sea remains an area of strategic confrontation against a backdrop of energy supplies, rising tensions with Russia, and with the first Chinese warships now cruising its waters.

Whether on the northern margins with the Baltic or the southern with the Mediterranean, maritime issues are weighing more heavily than ever on European security. The contents of this issue can be consulted at here.

" Geostrategy of the Baltic Sea "

N° 121-122
394 p.