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Battles. A History of the Great National Myths

The great battles of European national history

"Marignan 1515", "Waterloo morne plaine", "un coup de Trafalgar"... The greatest battles in European history have given rise to myths that have become veritable places of remembrance. Emblems and legends spring from the still smouldering battlefield or from works of art. These interpretations of the historical event feed a national narrative, propaganda or imagination. Through a selection of battles - some "must-see", others less well known to the French public but fundamental for the nations concerned - a fascinating and original history of the European continent is revealed.

After recounting the military experience, each chapter explores the interpretations that have been drawn from it by contemporaries and successive generations. From Antiquity to total war, leading specialists identify the religious, cultural and strategic issues at stake in battles that have remained national symbols to this day. 

Publisher: Belin
Collection : Hors collection History and geography
Authors : Isabelle Davion (dir.), Beatrice Heuser (dir.), Isabelle Davion, Beatrice Heuser

Published by : 04 November 2020
Pages : 320 pages
ISBN : 978-2-410-01696-3