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The Paths to Victory. Can a war still be won?

Can a war still be won?

What does it mean to "win a war" today? And how has victory been defined throughout history? While the question of victory is central to current strategic thinking, it remains unanswered. It is in this spirit that Gaïdz Minassian offers a reflection on the long term that is as subtle as it is innovative. This essay opens with a dialogue between Achilles, the embodiment of strength, and Ulysses, the personification of cunning, in the presence of Hector, who has come as an observer to watch them bicker about the ambivalence of victory from the Neolithic period to the present day. Then, after proposing a highly relevant analytical grid, the author revisits the last three decades of hubris and its impossible victories in UN interventions and the 'wars against terrorism'. Finally, and this is what makes the book so original, he asks whether, in order to better understand the disappearance of victory as we understand it, we should not first renounce power and cunning and adopt an ethic of humility. In short, the aim of this ambitious and fundamentally original book is to abandon Achilles and Ulysses in order to find Hector, and it is destined to become a must-read in the study of war and peace.

Publisher: Compound pass
Author: Gaïdz Minassian
Published by : 2 September 2020
Number of pages : 720 pages
ISBN : 9782379330001