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Once upon a time... the Arab revolutions

Il était une fois... les révolutions arabes

"Revolution is at the very heart of the history and imagination of the Arab world, as a component of thought and a vector for action. It has been built on a relationship with the other, the outside world, a relationship of borrowing, of fascination at times, and also of rejection. By virtue of its location, its history and its position as a cultural crossroads, the Arab world has been a privileged place for the development of revolutionary thought and the effervescence of anti-establishment ideas. It is hardly surprising that, in a context of globalisation, it has become a privileged space for revolutionary production, and that the "Arab Spring" has thus very quickly gained the status of a laboratory of ideas and forms of renewed mobilisation".

On this tenth anniversary, a collective of authors, artists and researchers is looking back at the sequence of Arab uprisings and questioning the revolutionary theme in the Arab world and "its words".

Publisher: THRESHOLD : Human sciences,  Araborama
Author: collective
Publication date : 07 January 2021
Number of pages : 272
ISBN : 9782021469981