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Armaments and the defence economy

National Defence Review 
- January 2021

"The major powers are realising that their weapons manoeuvres must be carried out on a permanent basis.

Pierre Marie Gallois


There is a real challenge in defining European strategic autonomy, given the divergent approaches of the EU member states. How do we conceive of shared sovereignty, how do we fit into different strategic cultures and how do we situate ourselves in relation to the United States?

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Le New Space has profoundly changed the space scene, calling into question Europe's position and undermining the gains it has made. We need to react quickly to preserve our hard-won strategic autonomy. This will require increased investment, but it also represents an opportunity that must be seized. 

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The question of Europe's strategic autonomy was raised during the Covid-19 pandemic, demonstrating the low resilience of the countries of the European Union. An effort must be made by all to bring together the different approaches to this principle, which is so important for the future.

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The EDTIB must be seized as an opportunity, especially as technological competition intensifies. European tools do exist to promote innovation and modernise defence industries, provided that we have a real ambition to serve Europe's interests.

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Armaments cooperation can be an interesting approach to contributing to European strategic autonomy. Exploiting the "interstices" can enable progress to be made, removing many obstacles and rebalancing relations with the United States.

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The Ministry of Defence: player or bystander in 5G?

Committee 5 - 56th national session of the IHEDN

The arrival of 5G is now a reality for France. This technology is of interest to our defence, which should very quickly think about integrating 5G into its range of telecommunications resources to become a player. Trials will enable us to make the most of this new perspective.

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BITD/GAFAM, an inevitable clash

Committee 6 - 56th national session of the IHEDN

The exponential power of GAFAM is challenging our traditional approach to the Defence Technological and Industrial Base (DTIB). We need to react quickly to develop a more agile and effective model in order to regain a modicum of sovereignty in a field that is now essential to our defence.

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