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L’épée et la carte : la France dans le Monde

The sword and the map


Global power or European player? World cultural reference or forgotten nation? France's position in the world, and its room for manoeuvre, raise many questions today.

Recent geopolitical upheavals, such as the rise of Asia, Brexit and the development of illiberal populism, mean that France's external action needs to be redefined. From the Franco-German couple to the Atlantic alliance, via the relationship with the South marked by the colonial heritage, France's entire relationship with its more or less close neighbours is examined here. The instruments at its disposal are also scrutinised: diplomatic tools, military competence, of course, but also the promotion of its secular model.

A book to help you better understand and think about France's international role, adapted to the times ahead.

Publisher: CNRS Published by
Director of the book : Frédéric Charillon
Language : French
Published by : 4 February 2021
Pagination : 224 pages
ISBN : 9782271136053