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March seminar of the 3rd national session on "Digital Sovereignty and Cybersecurity".

La 3e session nationale « Souveraineté numérique et cybersécurité »

The 3e he "Digital Sovereignty and Cybersecurity" national session has been able to cover many aspects of the programme over the last few months, despite health constraints which have meant that the conferences have been held remotely. From the presentation of foreign cyber strategies, including that of Israel led by Etaviar Matania, former Director General of the Israel National Cyber Directorate, to the law of armed conflict in cyberspace, not forgetting presentations on cryptography, blockchain and cyber risk management by businesses, listeners were able to gain access to a wide range of issues affecting cyberspace.

La 3e session nationale « Souveraineté numérique et cybersécurité »

This week, they had the pleasure of meeting up again to discuss crisis management and tackle the issue of cyber in Europe.

On Wednesday and Thursday, the class, divided into two groups for health reasons, carried out a crisis management exercise. This role-playing and real-time simulation exercise, conducted jointly by the Institut des Hautes Études du Ministère de l'Intérieur (IHEMI) and ANSSI, plunged them into the heart of a crisis and enabled them to apply the knowledge they had acquired since September, but above all to leave with a set of best practices for the future.

Friday was devoted to the European Union's cyber strategy. After a presentation by NATO, the civil and military cyber domains at EU level were discussed. These presentations gave listeners the opportunity to discuss both national and European digital sovereignty, the links between them and their future. The conference scheduled for April by Thierry BRETON, European Commissioner for Industrial Policy, Internal Market, Digital Agenda, Defence and Space, will shed further light on the means and feasibility of implementing a cyber strategy in the EU.