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Humiliation: the forgotten variable in international negotiations

Marie Durrieu, a doctoral student at the University of Clermont-Auvergne associated with the Strategic Research Institute of the École Militaire (IRSEM), has just published her dissertation with Editions de l'Harmattan in partnership with @iREMMO.

In the latter, she examines international negotiations in the light of the notion of humiliation. She seeks to show how this 'forgotten variable' can act as a blocking factor in conflict resolution mechanisms, particularly in the Middle East, using the 1993 Israeli-Palestinian agreements and the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal as case studies.

She tied for second prize for the best IHEDN dissertation in 2021.

Congratulations to her!

FROM THE ISRAELI-PALESTINIAN CONFLICT TO IRAN'S NUCLEAR PROGRAMME : humiliation, the forgotten variable in negotiations

Marie Durrieu

Collection : iReMMO Library

The Israeli-Palestinian agreements of 1993 and the Iranian nuclear agreement of 2015 represented a hope for peace that was quickly dashed by the failure to implement them, plunging the Middle East back into uncertainty. At a time when the region is ablaze, tensions are resurfacing, and the Iranian nuclear issue is at the top of the diplomatic agenda, it is becoming urgent to understand the mechanisms blocking the resolution of these conflicts. This book looks at a variable that is all too often forgotten: humiliation. Does it play a role in the impossible resolution of these conflicts? Through diplomacy, we know how to make peace with an enemy, but can we make peace with someone who has humiliated us?