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32nd European Session of Senior Armament Officials (SERA)

©IHEDN - 32ème Session Européenne des Responsables d’Armement (SERA)
European armaments cooperation

Monday 11 October 2021, the second week of the 32e European Session of Senior Armament Officials (SERA) began at the Royal Military Academy in Brussels, after an 18-month break.

©IHEDN - 32ème Session Européenne des Responsables d’Armement (SERA)

The auditors, who came from all the member countries of the European Union, Switzerland and Norway, had the pleasure of meeting in the heart of the European capital for the relaunch of the programme.

©IHEDN - 32ème Session Européenne des Responsables d’Armement (SERA)

After an introductory speech by the IGA Florence PlessixDirector of the IHEDN National Session Department and President of SERA, Col. Baudouin HeuninckxDeputy Director General for Armaments, presented the Belgian vision of European armaments cooperation.

The programme continued with a visit to the European Commission, during which the auditors were received by Mr. François ArbaultThey were also able to exchange views with representatives of the Defence Industry branch of DG DEFIS (Defence Industry and Space).

©IHEDN - 32ème Session Européenne des Responsables d’Armement (SERA)

Created in 1989, SERA is a unique European forum designed to encourage and strengthen exchanges between civil and military representatives, institutions and industry, working in the field of armaments.

More than a year and a half after its beginning, the 32nd edition of the European Session for Armament Representatives started again on October 11th in Brussels, in the very earth of the European capital. Attendees, coming from the different Member States of the European Union and from Norway and Switzerland, were pleased to meet again at the Belgian Royal Military Academy. After a welcome speech given by Maj. Gen (armament engineer) Florence Plessix, Chairman of the SERA, Col. Baudouin Heuninckx, Deputy National Armament Director, gave an introductory presentation, providing SERA 32 attendees with a Belgian overview on armament cooperation at the European level. During the afternoon, attendees have been welcomed at the European Commission by Mr François Arbault, director for Defence Industry at the DG DEFIS (Defence Industry and Space), and then had the opportunity to exchange and share views with representatives from this directorate.

The SERA constitutes a unique forum aiming at fostering and reinforcing exchanges and discussions between institutional and industrial representatives, working in the field of armament, at the European level.