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Special guest: Philippe VIALeducational adviser to the Higher Military Education Department

IHEDN: our history

To mark the publication of the book, History of IHEDNedited by TallandierThe IH Mondays are organising an exceptional conference-debate.

The history of the IHEDN, since its creation in 1936, tells "our story": the story of a community of students that is also the story of our country; the story of an institution that has been able to transform itself over time to work for national defence, forging, from generation to generation, that "unity of feeling, thought and doctrine" that is a prerequisite for effective action.

The world is changing, and so is IHEDN...

What is the purpose of IHEDN today?

What use is this almost century-old institution to the nation and the State?

What can we expect from listeners in 2021?

What is the significance of the latest reforms, aimed in particular at recreating a single, integrated national session?

Does this mean that everything has to change for nothing to change?

To what extent must the Institute, which has no real equivalent anywhere in the world, adapt to remain faithful to its vocation?