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The American Trap

The underside of the Alstom affair 

This comic book takes a behind-the-scenes look at a secret war. The one that the United States is waging against Europe and the rest of the world by hijacking the law and using it as an economic weapon. Pierucci, a former Alstom executive, testifies.

April 2013, New York. Frédéric Pierucci, head of an Alstom subsidiary, is arrested by the FBI as he gets off the plane. After spending 14 months in a high-security prison, he returns to France and meets Matthieu Aron, a journalist at France Inter. And so begins the story of the manoeuvres of the American justice system to force the Alstom Group to sell its energy business to General Electric...

Illustrator : Hervé Duphot
Colourist : Hervé Duphot

Publisher: DELCOURT

Language : French

Published at : May 2018

Pagination : 136 pages

ISBN : 9782413037385