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legal issues and economic coercion - legal tools and extraterritoriality" seminar

At its fifth seminar for 33 students on 9, 10 and 11 February 2022, the Defence and Economic Security (DSE) major addressed the legal issues and economic coercion associated with the extraterritoriality of the law, particularly in the USA and China.

This series of lectures and round tables aims to tackle the issue of extraterritoriality for states and economic players, to examine the implications of new standards and, more broadly, to study 'legal risk'. Having already studied the context of the appropriation of resources (energy, rare earths, sovereignty technologies, food, vital infrastructures) and the need to attract capital, this module will enable students to study the legal tool of foreign investment control available to the State and economic players to protect themselves against takeovers.

On Wednesday 9 February, students in the DSE major met at the École Militaire for a series of lectures and round tables.

A first conference, "Lawfare and economic coercion "was donated by Matthieu Kusza

HEDN- Matthieu Kusza (SGDSN)

A second conference, "Corruption and regulatory risks "was given by Dominique Lamoureux, (President, Cercle d'éthique des affaires).


The early afternoon was punctuated by a lecture on strategic metals, given by Bruno Jacquemin.

Bruno Jacquemin (General Delegate, Permanent Delegate, CSF Mine et Métallurgie)

Finally, the day ended with a talk by Frédéric Pierucci, a former Alstom executive and founder of IKARAN, on the subject of the extraterritoriality of US legislation.

®IHEDN - Mr Frédéric PIERUCCI (Ikarian)

On Thursday 10 February, auditors from the DSE major met at the École Militaire for a series of lectures and a visit to the Renault Technocentre in Guyancourt.

The day began with a talk by Patricia Barbizet, (Chairman, Témaris et Associés)

®IHEDN - Mrs Patricia Barbizet (Témaris et Associés)

The auditors then got together for a committee work session to round off the morning's proceedings.

Auditors from the DSE major were then able to visit the Renault technocentre on the Guyancourt industrial site and attend various presentations (objectives of the technocentre, global security of the group, strategic intelligence, protection of information).

®IHEDN - Technocentre Renault groupe, site de Guyancourt
®IHEDN - Mrs Patricia Barbizet (Témaris et Associés)

Finally, the day ended with a dinner-debate at the Cercle National des armées, in the presence of the Lithuanian Ambassador to France, His Excellency Nerijus Aleksiejūnas.

®IHEDN - Mrs Patricia Barbizet (Témaris et Associés)

Friday 11 February saw another day of conferences, culminating in a MEGA GAME at the Ecole Militaire.

The day began with a round-table discussion on "The extraterritoriality of American and Chinese law". The audience had the opportunity to exchange views with Ms Magali CESANA (Head of the Bilateral Affairs and Internationalisation Department), Mr Emmanuel Pitron (Senior Vice-President of ADIT) and Mr David Pages (Deputy Group Export Control Officer at Safran and Chairman of the International Export Control Regulations Committee at GIFAS).

IHEDN - Emmanuel PITRON, Magali CESANA, David PAGES

The seminar concluded with the organisation of a serious game, proposed by Serious Game Network France, on the theme of cyber-warfare. Participants were asked to take on the role of governments, international organisations or scientific specialists in a global competition based on cyber issues.

®IHEDN - Mega Game "Cyberwar
®IHEDN - Mega Game "Cyberwar