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Auditors from the three AED, DSE and SNC majors in French Guiana

®IHEDN - Les majeures AED, DSE et SNC en mission Guyane
®IHEDN - Les majeures AED, DSE et SNC en mission Guyane

It's on air base 367 that the auditors of the three majors "Armaments and Defence Economics" (AED), "Economic Defence and Security" (DSE) and "Digital Sovereignty and Cybersecurity" (SNC) of the first national session of the IHEDN were welcomed on their arrival in French Guyana.

In a joint address to the audience, the highest local authorities presented this unique territory, the only European territory on the South American continent.

Le GDA Xavier BuissonIn his speech, the Senior Commander of the Armed Forces in French Guiana (FAG) outlined the missions of the forces, all of which are carried out within an inter-service and interdepartmental framework.

The land, sea and air components of the FAG are involved in protecting the Guiana Space Centre (CSG) in Kourou (operation TITAN), which is the priority mission.

Le Major General Stéphane BrasIn his speech, the Commander of the Gendarmerie in French Guiana described the specific features of the traditional missions of the Gendarmerie in French Guiana, in a very special environment.

And finally.., Prefect Thierry QueffelecThe prefect of the French Guiana region, prefect of French Guiana, illustrated the State's action in this part of the country, which is made up of a rich mix of populations of varied origins.

After lunch, the three majors split up to begin their respective programmes at emblematic sites in the region: Kourou, Stoupan and the Equatorial Forest Forces Training Centre.

Auditors at the national session took a closer look at the life of a legionnaire in the equatorial forest at the Centre d'entraînement du Head of the 3e REIbased in Kourou Bivouac, daredevil trail, canoe trip.

Operation Harpie to combat illegal gold washing was presented to the IHEDN / DSE during a visit to the training station of the 9th RIMA at Stoupan. This joint presentation by the prefecture, the gendarmerie and the regiment included presentations, a dynamic demonstration of intervention on site with all the resources (swimmers from a 17th RGP, helicopters, quads), and allowed a very rich exchange between the audience and the operators of the demonstration around their equipment. It was a very successful and much appreciated sequence in a warm atmosphere.

Any body immersed in water comes out wet". This is the second principle of Archimedes, discovered by the SNC major during her immersion at the CEFE. No connection in this other world! But they learn so much from contact with people in the field who are passionate about their defence mission in a hostile environment. Already a close-knit group, the majors came out of the adventure transformed. Cadres and auditors learn a great deal about know-how and life skills from legionnaires who are proud of their commitment. In the current context, this sequence was not an opportunity but a requirement, while the theme of the year is resilience.

During their mission to French Guiana, the auditors of the "Armaments and Defence Economics" major were honoured to be welcomed in Kourou at the Guiana Space Centre (CSG) by Centre Director Marie-Anne CLAIR.

The audience was given a high-level presentation on the industrial and political challenges facing the Space Centre, located in the heart of French Guiana. Mrs Carine LEVEAUDirector of Space Transportation at CNES and an audience member at the 1st National Session, also took a closer look at the various stages involved in the launch of Ariane 6 during a presentation in the Jupiter Room.

This visit to the CSG gave the auditors the opportunity to get up close and personal with the ARIANE 5 and ARIANE 6 facilities, to see for themselves the exceptional skills present on this site and to talk to those involved in these programmes.

In addition, the soldiers of the 3e REI presented the CSG protection system, through the TITAN mission. This is a major element of national and, more generally, European sovereignty.