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Le Temps des guépards

®Tallandier - "le temps des guépards" de Michel Goya

The world war in France from 1961 to the present day

In "Le Temps des guépards", former military officer Michel Goya analyses France's military interventions over the last sixty years. No other country, apart from the United States, has carried out as many foreign military operations as France. In particular, the author highlights the lack of resources available to the French armed forces in relation to their stated ambitions, leading to permanent overexposure of troops. This interventionism is unique in Europe, yet there is little debate about it among politicians or the general public, who are convinced of France's universal role in the world. This is the first time that French OPEX have been analysed from this angle.

Publisher: Tallandier

Director of the book : Michel Goya

Language : French

Published at : 13 janvier 2022

Pagination : 368 pages

ISBN : 9791021038899