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Closing of 227e session in the Île-de-France region

clôture de la 227e SR

The final session of 227e session in the Île-de-France region organised by IHEDN, took place on Friday 10 June in the Salons du Gouverneur militaire in Paris.

At the end of their fourth week, which included visits to the Office national d'études et de recherches aérospatiales (ONERA), the northern defence zone headquarters at Versailles-Satory and the interministerial crisis centre at Beauvau, the 41 auditors presented the conclusions of their committee work.

In the presence of prefect Denis Conus, deputy director of the IHEDN, and sub-prefect Jean-Michel Delvert, head of the regional and specialised activities department, the auditors discussed resilience in the face of crises, the role of the region in France's strategic autonomy, defence and security issues, and the link between the army and the nation.

Finally, the certificates were presented to the 41 auditors by Colonel Emmanuel PHELUT, Chief of Staff to the Military Governor of Paris, and Prefect Denis Conus. 

clôture de la 227e SR
clôture de la 227e SR