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131 closinge cycle IHEDN-jeunes

Saturday 09 July saw the closing session of the 131e IHEDN-Youth" cycle, at which the work of the 6 committees was presented and debated, in the presence of Prefect Didier Martinthe Prefect of the Pays de la Loire and Loire-Atlantique regions, of Prefect Denis Conusdeputy director of the IHEDN, and Sub-prefect Jean-Michel DelvertHead of IHEDN's Regional and Specialised Activities Department, and Ms Zivile Kabilataiteanalyst in the studies and research department of the IHEDN.

This session marked the culmination of 6 days of training in defence and security issues, marked by high-level conferences on various issues relating to military defence, national defence, national security and international security. The participants also visited the 3e RIMA de Vannes and worked within their committee, where exchanges were rich.

78 of them have joined the community of IHEDN auditors, ready to face tomorrow's challenges at their own level.