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Opening of the International Session for the Indopacific

Lieutenant General Régis Colcombet, Director of Security and Defence Cooperation (DCSD), and Prefect Denis Conus, Deputy Director of the IHEDN, opened the 2nd International Session for the Indo-Pacific (SIIP): France and the Indo-Pacific, new challenges and joint responses.

Lieutenant General Régis ColcombetDirector of Security and Defence Cooperation (DCSD) and Prefect Denis ConusDeputy Director of the IHEDN, opened the 2e International Session for the Indopacific (SIIP): France and the Indopacific, new challenges and joint responses

the Indo-Pacific: a key area with global implications.

Created in 2020, the SIIP brings together auditors from different countries and regional organisations in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Each country or organisation is represented by one or more auditors: senior civil and military officials, directors of administrations and research institutes, etc.

This year there are 42 auditors from Indo-Pacific countries and organisations: from West Africa to the islands of the Indian Ocean, via the Pacific Ocean.

Our partner, DCSD contributes through its actions to the influence of France's foreign policy at international level, by acting to promote the French security and defence model, by supporting exporters of French military and civilian equipment or by teaching French in military and police environments. It also advises the senior authorities of partner countries and participates in the training of numerous civilian and military trainees. 

Listeners will discuss with local players and our European partners the issues at stake in this area of polarised tensions and global challenges.

France's territorial presence and its military presence in the Indo-Pacific are conducive to the emergence and consolidation of a privileged cooperation network for confident exchanges in the area.

France's Indo-Pacific strategy to be launched by the French President in 2019


The Indo-Pacific is a strategic area undergoing profound change.

France, with its overseas departments and collectivities, plays an essential role:

  • defending our sovereignty
  • working with our partners to contribute to regional security

France's Indo-Pacific strategy proposes concrete actions to address security, economic, health, climate and environmental challenges:

  • Security and defence: the Indo-Pacific must remain an open space, guaranteeing freedom of navigation and overflight and respecting sovereignty.
  • Economic: the Indo-Pacific is a rich, dynamic area (tourism, development, trade, etc.) that needs to be connected to physical and digital infrastructures.
  • health: the Indopacific must promote cooperative approaches to meet the new challenges of global health
  • climate and environment: the Indopacific is mobilising its partners around concrete initiatives to promote the energy transition, the protection of biodiversity, the sustainable management of the oceans, etc.

To find out more about the France's Indo-Pacific strategy