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The "Maritime Challenges and Strategies" major immersed in EURONAVAL

In the middle of a module on "the players and means of strategy", students in the "Maritime issues and strategies" major of the 2e national session went to EURONAVAL to immerse themselves in the naval DTIB*.

*Defence industrial and technological base.

Auditors look at the model of the new-generation aircraft carrier

They were welcomed by Hervé CrocéThe organiser of the show and an auditor at the previous session, who had put together a programme that brought them into contact with companies that form part of the backbone of the French DTIB in the naval sector: Airbus, MBDA, Naval Group and Thales, as well as the innovation shown by some of the SMEs.

Along with the new-generation aircraft carrier, drones were undoubtedly a major attraction at the show. Visitors were able to discover some of the technological nuggets that enable the French Navy to have some of the most powerful weapons systems in the world, at the heart of our country's sovereignty.

It was also an opportunity to take stock of the efforts that have been made to gain a better understanding of the seas and oceans, and in particular the deep seas, knowledge that is essential if we are to better understand their climatic phenomena and preserve their biodiversity.