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What we read

What we read

Livre Géopolitique de l’environnement

Geopolitics of the environment

Our entry into the Anthropocene - this new geological era characterised by the unprecedented influence of human societies on the planet's natural cycles - has had a profound impact on our planet.

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Livre Économie de la guerre

Economics of war

Is it economically rational for political entities to choose the path of destructive conflict rather than that of mutually beneficial exchange?

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Our publications

What strategies for European security organisations? The EU's Strategic Compass and NATO's Strategic Concept

The war in Ukraine raises profound questions about the future of Europe's security architecture. Against a backdrop of deteriorating relations between Russia and NATO, Russia's invasion of Ukraine is justified, according to the Kremlin, by NATO's inability to provide sufficient security guarantees. Coincidentally, NATO plans to update the Alliance's Strategic Concept at its Madrid Summit in June 2022.

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After AUKUS: France in the Indopacific

On 15 September 2021, after eighteen months of confidential negotiations, the "AUKUS" tripartite military alliance between the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia was made public. This alliance involves the development of trilateral cooperation in many areas of defence, including cyber and artificial intelligence. As part of this project, the Australian Navy's acquisition of American- or British-built nuclear attack submarines effectively puts an end to the €56 billion contractual commitment made with France in 2016.

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IHEDN: our history

 "To arms, citizens! "Since 1936, the Institut des hautes études de défense nationale (IHEDN) has been bringing this appeal to life among France's elite. Leaders from the civil service and the business world share a training course with future military leaders. Together, they think about defence. For several decades now, they have been working together to develop national and international courses on defence.

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The situation in Afghanistan

"Historians date the birth of contemporary Afghanistan back to the 1880s, when the country's borders were largely the result of Russian-British colonial commissions. The first emir, Abdur Rahman, theorised what was to become Afghan politics for almost a century.

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For its fifth national session on "Maritime Challenges and Strategies" in 2019-2020, IHEDN has chosen a particular focus: the impact of climate change and protection of the marine environment on defence and security issues.

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Armaments and the defence economy

La Revue Défense Nationale - January 2021 - "The great powers are realising that they must practice their armament manoeuvres on a permanent basis". Pierre Marie Gallois European Union and defence issues: the challenges of European strategic autonomy - It is a real challenge to define European strategic autonomy, given the divergent approaches of EU member states.

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our contributions

Mondes en guerre : le Professeur Olivier Schmitt, publie un chapitre sur l’évolution des alliances et des coalitions depuis 1945


Olivier SCHMITT This fourth volume marks the end of the history of Worlds at War: from 1945 onwards, nuclear weapons changed the situation and security challenges became global. This period is sometimes referred to as the "long peace", which is not to say that it was the end of the Cold War.

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L’épée et la carte : la France dans le Monde

The sword and the map

Olivier SCHMITT Global power or European player? World cultural reference or forgotten nation? France's position in the world and its room for manoeuvre raise many questions today. Recent geopolitical upheavals, such as the rise of the

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Private security in West Africa

Enzo Fasquelle Anyone who has ever walked the streets of Dakar, Abidjan or any other metropolis in West Africa cannot fail to notice the presence of private security guards, guards and "stand-by" workers.

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