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Clap de fin in New Caledonia

La 220e session in the New Caledonia region and the 125e cycle jeunes Nouvelle-Calédonie organised by IHEDN, ended on 9 December 2022 at the Communauté du Pacifique (CPS) in Nouméa.

On this final day, the 48 auditors from the regional session and the 27 young auditors from the youth cycle gathered in the CPS conference room, where they were welcomed, along with the IHEDN management team, by Johan Sebastian Berghoef, Director.


The 4 committees of auditors from the young people's cycle presented the conclusions of their work to the audience and the authorities present. The 5 committees of auditors from the regional session had spoken the day before.


The audience was then treated to the final two lectures, given by Brigadier General Valéry Putzsenior commander of the FANC on defence and security strategy, and from Rémi BastilleSecretary General of the French High Commission, on the major issues facing New Caledonia.


In his closing address, Jean-Michel DelvertIn his speech, the Deputy Prefect, Head of the Department of Regional and Specialised Activities at the IHEDN, emphasised that, more than any other session, this stage in the French Overseas Territories marks the Institute's determination to spread the spirit of defence throughout all the territories of the Republic. He thanked the High Commissioner of the Republic and the Commander of the FANC, on behalf of Lieutenant General Benoît Durieux, Director of the IHEDN, for their investment and that of their departments in the preparation and implementation of these training courses, which had been organised thanks to the support of the Directorate General for Overseas France (DGOM).


The meeting of the regional session auditors with the Minister of the Interior and Overseas Territories on 30 November in Koné will remain one of the highlights of the 3 weeks.


The 75 new IHEDN auditors finally received the certificate that confers this quality and reinforces their desire to promote and disseminate the spirit of defence, in line with the Institute's public service mission.


These were two great sessions, one lasting 3 weeks (regional session) and the other lasting one week (youth cycle), which came to an end 17,000 km from the École Militaire.