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Why did Africa make history (without us)?

06 February 2023 - 6.30pm at the École militaire
IHEDN - Débat STRATEGIQUE_LEGOURIELLEC - Pourquoi l’Afrique est entrée dans l’histoire (sans nous) ?

Africa is made up of 55 states with different economic and demographic growth rates, and is often described as a uniform continent, an area of poverty and conflict. Do these caricatural representations of Africa reflect what Cameroonian philosopher Achille Mbembe calls a "will to ignorance"? In his book Why did Africa make history (without us)? Sonia le Gouriellec sets out to deconstruct this stereotypical and devaluing view of the African continent. With this title, the author refers to the Dakar speech given by Nicolas Sarkozy on 26 July 2007. In his speech, the French president said that "the African man has not made enough history".

Sonia le Gouriellec is a lecturer in political science at the Catholic University of Lille and an associate researcher at the Foundation for Strategic Research (FRS). She specialises in security and peace issues in Africa, particularly in the Horn of Africa. In 2020 she published a book on Djibouti's diplomacy.

Rendezvous on 06 February at 6.30pm at the École Militaire.

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