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La Défense in the face of climate change

13 February 2023 - 7.30pm at the École Militaire, Foch amphitheatre

Climate change is not only having a multiplier effect on threats to global security and stability.

This is a structural and lasting transformation for defence: whether it's a question of anticipating the new conflicts arising from rising temperatures and difficulties in accessing certain resources, preparing armed forces for operations in extreme conditions or adapting military infrastructure in certain particularly affected areas, the entire strategic landscape needs to be rethought.

The rise in commodity prices (particularly energy) over the last few months, Russia's aggression in Ukraine and the publication of the third part of the IPCC's sixth report have even precipitated questions about another lever that has hitherto been little considered or even disqualified: sobriety.

Consequently, considering power issues from the perspective of a carbon transition in defence and a reduction in our energy dependence may help to redefine the very terms of the notion of sovereignty.

With :

  • François Gemenneco-director of the Defence and Climate Observatory, researcher in environmental geopolitics at the University of Liège, member of the IPCC and chairman of Climate Voices.
  • Julia TasseShe is co-director of the Defence and Climate Observatory, and a researcher and head of the Climate, Energy and Security programme at IRIS.

Hosted by Julien Le Bota journalist, author and film-maker (Arte, France Culture, RFI, Actes Sud).


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