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2027: the year of European strategic autonomy

While the war in Ukraine highlighted the inability of Europeans to defend their continent without massive support from the United States, the authors of this article explain that the objective of European strategic autonomy must remain a political priority. They base their position on two points. Firstly, the threat from China remains the priority for the United States, despite its current investment in European security. Secondly, Europeans must factor into their strategic calculations the hypothesis of a double front on a global scale - in Europe and East Asia. The United States would not be in a position to assert itself in two major theatres of operation at once, leaving Europeans to provide the bulk of their own continent's security and defence in the face of the Russian threat. The authors argue in favour of a European strategic autonomy built in complementarity with the United States and conceived within the framework of NATO.

BRUGIER Camille, HAROCHE Pierre, Le Grand continent, 11 April 2023.