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The 80e economic and strategic intelligence" cycle

From 30 May to 7 June 2023, the Ecole Militaire in Paris will be hosting the 80e cycle in economic and strategic intelligence (IES) at the IHEDN.
Du 30 mai au 7 juin 2023 se déroule au sein de l’Ecole militaire à Paris le 80e cycle en intelligence économique et stratégique (IES) de l’IHEDN.

The 36 auditors will learn more about the challenges of economic and digital sovereignty in 49 hours of training. Covering the main themes of the IES (economic security, and in particular the actions taken by the State to protect national companies and support them in exporting; intelligence and OSINT; cybersecurity; influence and compliance), the 80th The IES cycle will focus on issues related to influence and economic conflict. During the cycle, the IHEDN will have the privilege of being able to broadcast an exclusive version of the documentary "La bataille d'Airbus", which is scheduled to be broadcast on Arte on 27 June 2023. Listeners will be able to discuss the film with the filmmakers.

The course ends on 7th day, withAlain Juilleta leading national expert in business intelligence.

During the course, the auditors will work in committees on issues such as the development of artificial intelligence and semiconductor strategy. The IES cycles organised by the IHEDN help to raise the awareness of auditors, from a wide range of backgrounds, in this field whose understanding is essential in the current economic and geopolitical context.

IHEDN's IES courses benefit from the input of experts and institutions such as the SGDSN and its new VIGINUM service, the DGSE, the DGSI, the DRSD, TRACFIN, the Customs Intelligence Directorate, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the PNF.

If you would like to gain a better understanding of the issues of extraterritoriality, digital sovereignty, influence and manipulation of information, and to acquire intelligence and OSINT techniques, do not hesitate to apply for the next IES cycle that IHEDN will be organising from 7 to 15 November in Paris. In addition, the IHEDN will be offering its first IES session in the regions, in Lyon, between 10 and 18 October 2023.

If you would like to join the next cycle from 7 to 15 November :