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OSINT = the new sinews of war?

5 June 2023 | 7.30pm at the École militaire
OSINT = le nouveau nerf de la guerre ?

The proliferation of data on the Internet and social networks has transformed the very notion of intelligence and investigation. When a field of investigation is inaccessible, the practice of OSINT or open source investigation makes it possible to keep abreast of developments in a conflict or to assess the reality of a threat. 

Now an essential tool for intelligence services, journalists and criminal analysis experts alike, it is profoundly renewing our understanding of defence and security issues. 

Finally, as with all investigative work, these open-source information-gathering techniques also raise both ethical and scientific questions. 

With :

  • Alexandra JoussetShe is a journalist, film-maker, winner of the Albert-London Prize 2022, and producer of the "Sources" programme on Arte.
  • Frédéric LenfantForensic expert in criminal analysis and digital investigations, fraud analyst, cyberthreat and OSINT.
  • Kevin LimonierMr. Baudelaire is a lecturer in geography and Slavic studies at the Institut Français de Géopolitique (Université Paris 8). He is also deputy director of GEODE.

Hosted by Julien Le Bota journalist, author and film-maker (Arte, France Culture, RFI, Actes Sud).

See you on 5 June at 7.30pm. 

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