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The war we can't see coming

23 November 2023 | 6.30pm at the École militaire
La guerre qu'on ne voit pas venir

23 November: Nathalie Loiseau, La guerre qu'on ne voit pas venir (The war we can't see coming)

This book highlights the invisible threats facing Western democracies today. Disinformation campaigns, cyber-attacks and interference in election campaigns and political life are on the increase. Fake news, trolls: the infox now touches on everything from Covid to women's and minority rights, via the war in Ukraine. European democracies are being harassed, criticised and slandered, so that their foundations are shaken and their influence diminished. How can we win these invisible wars and defend our values? These are the questions that Nathalie Loiseau tries to answer in her book, focusing on Vladimir Putin and contemporary Russia, but also on China and Turkey.

Nathalie Loiseau is a diplomat, Director of ENA and Minister for European Affairs from 2017 to 2019. She has held senior positions in the French administration and diplomacy. She is now a Member of the European Parliament.

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