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Frequenting the un-frequentable

04 December 2023 | 18:30 at the École militaire

4 December: Manon-Nour Tannous and Jean-Pierre Bat, Fréquenter les infréquentables

Should we talk to Putin? Negotiate with Bashar al-Assad? Compromise with Kim Jong-Un? These are the questions that the authors of this book attempt to answer, using numerous examples from contemporary history to introduce the criteria for good relations: the embodiment of the State, representation of the people, respect for human rights, etc. The authors also examine the dilemmas of diplomacy and the relationship with the Other. Returning to the dilemmas of diplomacy and the relationship with the Other, the researchers highlight the fact that, like any discursive strategy, labelling produces effects (both material and symbolic costs).

Manon-Nour Tannous holds a doctorate in international relations and is a lecturer at the University of Reims Champagne Ardenne. She is a research associate at the Collège de France (Chair of Contemporary History of the Arab World) and at the University of Paris 2 (Thucydides Centre). Editor-in-chief of the journal Mondes arabes, she is the author of Chirac, Assad et les autres. Les relations franco-syriennes depuis 1946 (PUF, 2017), La Syrie au-delà de la guerre (Le Cavalier bleu, 2022).

Jean-Pierre Bat has a teaching qualification and a doctorate in history, and is a researcher affiliated to the CNRS. A specialist in Central Africa and French decolonisation policy, he is the author of Le syndrome Foccart (Folio, 2012).

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