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Jenny RAFLIK: France and terrorism, a long history

5 February 2024 | 6.30pm at the École militaire

Emotions and tensions: two affects that define our relationship with terrorism, this political violence that is always radicalised and always exploited. France gave birth to this word; initially a form of government, the term has evolved to define specific forms of violence and the actors who use them. From the anarchist attacks of the 19th century to the Bataclan in 2015, France has seen waves of terrorism, making it a special case.

By analysing the demands, methods and actions of terrorists, the aim is not to give in to fear, but to understand the historical, psychological and sociological forces behind them, so as to create an overview of what terrorism is and what it aims to achieve.

Jenny Raflik, professor of contemporary history at the University of Nantes, helps us to put into perspective and decipher a very topical phenomenon.

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