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Geopolitics of the environment

Livre Géopolitique de l’environnement

Our entry into the Anthropocene - this new geological era characterised by the unprecedented influence of human societies on the planet's natural cycles - is having profound repercussions on international relations. Climate change, loss of biodiversity: the effects of the ecological crisis and the pollution caused by extractivism are multiplying and causing upheavals in the global arena. As a result, the environment is becoming a source of challenges and crises. Who are the players involved in environmental conflicts? How do they seek to influence political decisions to protect their interests? At a time when the UN is struggling to implement climate agreements and the war in Ukraine is highlighting the tenuous links between security and the energy transition, Adrien Estève offers a critical approach to the geopolitics of the environment and exposes the complex interactions between environmental, economic and social factors.

ESTEVE Adrien, Paris, PUF, 2024