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Religious coexistence - why is it so difficult?

Livre La cohabitation des religions - pourquoi est-elle si difficile ?

You can kill in the name of God! We have recently rediscovered this through acts of terrorism and new wars of religion, in France and elsewhere. In the Western world today, many believe that believers should renounce their claim to truth. Wouldn't exclusivism, according to which only one religion is true, inevitably lead to religious intolerance, making coexistence impossible? But are this pluralism and relativism, so present in the demand for secularism, relevant to what religious beliefs are? This lively question of our social life is addressed through a reflection on religious beliefs, truth, tolerance and the question of whether we all have the same God. This book defends an exclusivism of religious truth that does not pit non-believers against believers or religions against each other.

Rennes, Presses universitaires de Rennes, 20243