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The near war - when France and the United States clashed, 1798-1800

, La quasi-guerre - quand la France et les États-Unis s’affrontaient,1798-1800

Who knows that France and the United States once clashed? In the second half of the 1790s, these two allied powers came into open conflict. Although war was never officially declared, the French and Americans clashed in naval battles on both sides of the Atlantic, capturing many ships and causing several thousand deaths and injuries. This episode, which has gone down in history as the Quasi-War, arose from commercial and diplomatic disputes between the two countries. It also, and perhaps above all, stemmed from a feeling of betrayal felt by France when the United States seemed to be drawing closer to their former common enemy: Great Britain. American historians have paid close attention to this singular moment, as it was their country's first conflict with a major European power since independence. Éric Schnakenbourg offers a comprehensive history of this war in French, based on previously unpublished archives. His research allows us to discover this little-known episode in revolutionary France.

SCHNAKENBOURG Eric, Paris, Tallandier, 2024