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The acceleration of history - the geostrategic knots of a world out of control

Livre L’accélération de l’Histoire - les nœuds géostratégiques d’un monde hors de contrôle

A dual geopolitical and geo-economic acceleration is underway, against a backdrop of growing Sino-American rivalry, Sino-Russian rapprochement, the strengthening of NATO and the political emergence of the "global South". The author highlights the dangers of these pivotal areas, where vital trade is concentrated: the China Seas, with its flow of microprocessors through the Taiwan Strait; the Arabian Peninsula, with its continuous flow of hydrocarbons; and the eastern Mediterranean, where wheat transits. It sets out to link the simultaneous trajectories of Russia, Iran and North Korea, through which three potential nuclear crises combine.

GOMART Thomas, Paris, Tallandier, 2024