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Olivier WIEVORKA: Absolute war? Putting the 2nd World War back into perspective

18 March 2024 | 6.30pm at the École Militaire, Desvallières amphitheatre
Livre La guerre absolue ? Remettre en perspective la 2e Guerre mondiale

A titanic conflict, on land, on and under the sea, in the skies, a war unheard of in its brutality and scale, we think we know what the origins, confrontations and consequences of the Second World War were. And yet, although there is a wealth of research, there is a dearth of summaries to underline the extent to which, almost 80 years after its conclusion, our geopolitical environment is still marked by this major war.

Olivier Wieworka, a professor at ENS Paris-Saclay and one of the world's leading experts on the Second World War, takes a broad look at the conflict, inviting us to grasp a history in the making, to break down myths and avoid over-simplistic explanations.

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