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Tours hosts the 238e session in the Centre-Val de Loire region

From 11 to 14 June, the 238th session in the Centre-Val de Loire region brought together experts and managers to explore the challenges of risk prevention and crisis management. The meeting was marked by high-level conferences, visits to critical infrastructures and in-depth strategic discussions.

Prefect Hervé Tourmente, Delegate Prefect for Defence and Security for the West Zone, and Lieutenant General Laurent Michon, General Officer for the West Zone of Defence and Security (OGZDS), provided valuable insights into the strategies and measures in place. In addition, François-Pierre Gitton, Director of Insee Centre-Val de Loire, gave a numerical overview of the region's demographics, its peculiarities and contrasts, providing listeners with an essential database for measuring specific regional issues.

The week was interspersed with a reception at the Hôtel du Grand Commandement in Tours. Organised by Major General Jean-Marc Châtillon in the presence of the departmental prefect, Patrice Latron, and General Michon, this reception gave the audience a valuable opportunity to meet key players in crisis management.

Visits to the Chinon nuclear power plant and the Indre-et-Loire gendarmerie group were organised with the same aim of understanding security issues. They enabled the auditors to grasp the operational and logistical challenges associated with the security of these critical infrastructures. The regional and national importance of this type of infrastructure was also demonstrated during the visit to the Cinq-Mars-la-Pile air traffic control centre, which supervises the smooth movement of aircraft throughout France.

For several committees, the programme for this week, which focused on national security, proved to be crucial for refining the objectives and identifying the results expected at the feedback meeting scheduled for 21 June in Orléans.