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Athéna's readings for July

This summer, we're turning our strategic intelligence into reading advice! The war on sport, France's role on the international stage, the Russian-Ukrainian war, the Indopacific... Here are Athena's literary recommendations for July. Read with your feet in the water!


 AMAT Jean-Paul, The forests of the Great War from 1815 to the present day2nd edition, Paris, Sorbonne Université Presses, 2024.

A specialist in the historical geography of forests, Jean-Paul Amat uses a multidisciplinary approach in this book to analyse the role of forests in French history. This detailed study, enriched by specific examples, examines the relationship between man and these forested areas, particularly from a military and memorial point of view, but also from the perspective of conservation and preservation. This book has been awarded the Mission du Centenaire label.

Couverture du livre "Les forêts de la grande guerre"

AUBIN Lukas, GUEGAN Jean-Baptiste, The war on sport - a new geopoliticsParis, Tallandier, 2024. 

At first sight, sport and geopolitics seem to be two antagonistic concepts, but Lukas Aubin and Jean-Baptiste Guégan propose to go beyond traditional conceptions by studying the role played by sport in international rivalries. The irruption of sport into the geopolitical circle seems to be broadening the tools of influence put in place by state powers. The book is illuminated by specific examples such as the sporting rivalries between Russia and Ukraine and between China and the United States in the context of major contemporary conflicts. This analysis offers a new way of looking at these conflicts, going beyond the traditional themes of analysis.

Couverture du livre "la Guerre du sport"

BELL Jason, Cracking the Nazi Code: The Untold Story of Canada's Greatest SpyNew York, HarperCollins, 2023.

This book traces the career of Winthrop Pickard Bell, a Canadian academic affiliated with the UK's foreign intelligence services under the code name A12. From 1919 onwards, he provided numerous reports on the rise and dangers of Nazism, constituting the first official warnings of Nationalist Germany's expansionist drive in Europe.

Couverture du livre "Cracking the nazi code"

 DUCLOS Michel, French diplomacyParis, Alpha, 2024.

In this book, Michel Duclos examines France's role on the international stage and how it should position itself in terms of its foreign policy. His recommendations are highlighted by a detailed study of the global geopolitical context, such as the Covid-19 crisis, the return of war to Europe and Emmanuel Macron's foreign policy.

Couverture du livre "Diplomatie française"

 KAHN Sylvain, Europe and UkraineParis, PUF, 2024.

This book examines the new challenges facing institutional Europe and highlights the upheavals in the principles on which it is founded, particularly its relationship with power. A professor at Sciences Po Paris, the author provides a detailed analysis of the impact of the renewed Russian-Ukrainian war on the nature of the European Union and the difficulties facing the 'historically appeased Europeans', who are expected by the international community to take a stand against Moscow.

Couverture du livre "L'europe face à l'Ukraine"

POPOVA Maria, SHEVEL Oxana, Russia and Ukraine: Entangled Histories, Diverging StatesCambridge, Polity, 2024.

Starting with Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, this book traces relations between Russia and Ukraine since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Their independence has given rise to two opposing trajectories, particularly in political terms, which the authors attempt to describe and explain. This analysis also provides a better understanding of the current geopolitical tensions between Russia and Western Europe.

Couverture du livre "Russia and Ukraine"

 Robert Harris, MunichPocket, 2019.

In September 1938, Europe was obsessed with the Sudetenland, a small territory in Czechoslovakia that the German Chancellor ardently coveted. European leaders were faced with a dilemma: give in to his demands to preserve the peace or risk a war by maintaining the existing agreements. Hugh Legat, Private Secretary to the British Prime Minister, and Paul von Hartmann, a Reich diplomat and former Oxford classmates, meet in Munich. They have four days to try to change the course of history.

Couverture du livre "Munich"

Hélène Harter, Eisenhower: The war leader turned presidentTallandier, 2024.

Dwight David Eisenhower, nicknamed "Ike", is an iconic figure of the 20th century. A five-star general, he orchestrated the crucial landings of the Second World War, liberating France and Western Europe. Returning to civilian life, he became the 34th President of the United States. His presidency, although marked by international crises, brought eight years of peace to the United States. In this book, Hélène Harter presents a never-before-published biography in French of this moderate and popular man, revealing his contributions to American history.

Couverture du livre "Eisenhower, le chef de guerre devenu président"

Nicholas Stargart, The German war: Portrait of a people at war 1939-1945Tallandier, 2024.

In 1939, still haunted by memories of the First World War, the Germans were not looking forward to a new conflict. Yet their unfailing determination kept them at war until 1945, despite bombing, deprivation and defeat. How did they hold out? Were they aware of the genocidal aspect of this war? Nicholas Stargardt examines the Second World War from the Germans' point of view, using diaries, letters and surveillance reports to reveal the thoughts and motivations of a people at war, fighting for a desperate cause.

Couverture du livre "La guerre allemande"

NIQUET Valérie, PARON-DOISE Marianne, The Indo-Pacific - New centre of the worldParis, Tallandier, 2024.

At the heart of the geopolitical and strategic rivalries of the 21st century, the Indo-Pacific is analysed here in all its complexity, and in the various ways in which it is used by the great powers of our time, whether economically, militarily or culturally, for example. The book analyses not only the area as such, but also the various regional and international players involved, including France, which is the subject of a more detailed study.

Couverture du livre "L'indo-pacifique, nouveau centre du monde"