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Tours hosts the 238e session in the Centre-Val de Loire region

From 11 to 14 June, the 238th session in the Centre-Val de Loire region brought together experts and managers to explore the challenges of risk prevention and crisis management. The meeting was marked by high-level conferences, visits to critical infrastructures and in-depth strategic discussions.

"Recommendation on strengthening research safety

The European Council has adopted a recommendation on enhancing research security. The aim of the text is to help the Commission and the Member States address the risks to research security arising from international cooperation. In particular, the recommendation identifies the risks associated with [...]

"Conclusion of the work of a fact-finding mission on the defence industry, a provider of strategic autonomy in Europe".

This information report was submitted by the Committee on National Defence and Armed Forces to conclude the work of a fact-finding mission on the defence industry as a provider of strategic autonomy in Europe. The report begins by outlining the structural weaknesses of the European defence industry and then sets out a number of recommendations for transforming the defence industry [...].

"The great continuous enlargement: a new process twenty years on".

This article shows that enlargement plays a key role in European security. The author describes the various internal threats and external dangers for Europe and shows that the European Union must transform itself, increase its defence capabilities (she proposes in particular the creation of a sort of European Victory Program), solidify its alliances and guarantee the security of its [...].

"L'obligation de loyauté envers la constitution des soldats de la Bundeswehr et l'obligation de réserve des soldats français : Deux mécanismes d'encadrement des comportements antidémocratiques au sein des forces armées".

Against a backdrop of rising populism in Europe, this paper sheds light on the origins of the anti-democratic acts recorded in the French and German armies. The author compares the obligation of loyalty to the Constitution of German soldiers with the obligation of reserve of French soldiers, and the disciplinary consequences of breaches [...].

"The future of nuclear proliferation after the war in Ukraine".

The article reviews the arguments predicting an acceleration in nuclear proliferation in the coming years and shows how the literature has partly overestimated the risks of proliferation since the strategic breakthrough brought about by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The only exceptions, in the author's view, are the Middle East and East Asia, where the [...]

The ball of illusions. What France believes, what the world sees

This book is the result of a survey on the image of France abroad: by asking people around the world about their vision of France, the authors show the gap between French perceptions and international realities. François D'ALANÇON, Richard WERLY, Paris, Grasset, 2024 More information

Between wars

In this autobiography, General Lecointre, former Army Chief of Staff, recounts his military career, from the battlefields of Rwanda to Sarajevo and Iraq, and gives an account of his intimate experience as a man of war. François LECOINTRE, Paris, Gallimard, 2024 More information

The Indo-Pacific. The new centre of the world

This book shows how the Indo-Pacific is a major geostrategic challenge for the 21st century: an economic engine driven by China's ambitions and the maritimisation of the world, it accounts for 90% of container transport. The authors also look at the competition between powers in this area, in particular the territorial claims of Xi Jinping [...].

A world at war

The various contributions in this volume deal with the war in Ukraine using tools from different disciplines in the humanities and social sciences. The volume does not confine itself to long-standing debates such as the moral justification of war, but also tackles new questions: is war the object of a [...]