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The 2e IHEDN national session visits Évreux air base

On Thursday 10 November, the AED, POLDEF and DSE majors from the 2nd national session of the IHEDN visited Commander VIOT at Evreux Air Base 105 for a presentation of the missions and capabilities of the French Air Force and Space Ministry.

The gist of his speech in 5 questions.

The Defence and Economic Security major immersed in Bordeaux

From 19 to 21 October 2022, the 36 students in the IHEDN's "Defence and Economic Security" major travelled to Bordeaux to find out about the players and resources involved in economic strategy in the New Aquitaine region. Science Photo Library / Landmann, Patrick At the Centre d'Études Scientifiques et Techniques de l'Aquitaine, the director, Mr. [...]

Wednesday 14 September was the start of the new academic year for IHEDN auditors.

®IHEDN-Séminaire de rentrée

Since 1936, IHEDN has been concerned with the defence of the nation and the collective phenomena that threaten the community, our sovereignty and our security. The IHEDN brings together civilians and military personnel to develop a community of thought, doctrine and action. In 1936, it was necessary to get the military to work together, on a joint basis, but also to bring together civilians [...].

Defence and economic security" major in Berlin and Warsaw

From 15 to 21 May 2022, the Defence and Economic Security (DSE) major of the IHEDN National Session carried out its "World" mission. The DSE auditors had the opportunity to visit Berlin and then Warsaw. These six days provided an opportunity to benefit from the expertise of our German and Warsaw partners.

The DSE major in the Senate

A dozen auditors from the defence and economic security (DSE) major at the IHEDN national session visited the Senate on 28 April at the invitation of a DSE auditor, Mr Pierre-Jean Verzelen, Senator for the Aisne. The visit was very much appreciated by the DSE auditors, who were able to benefit from a [...]

The DSE major at the GIGN

Exceptional visit by the Defence and Economic Security (DSE) major of the IHEDN National Session to the GIGN on 22 April 2022. General Ghislain Rety, commander of the GIGN and auditor for the 71st IHEDN POLDEF, opened the doors of the GIGN's central unit at Satory to us. We were given a presentation of the equipment, specialities, [...]

The DSE major at Mont-Verdun

®IHEDN-la majeure DSE au Mont Verdun-001

The Air Defence and Air Operations Command (CDAOA), located at Mont-Verdun near Lyon, welcomed a small delegation of auditors from the 1st major in Defence and Economic Security (DSE) on 21 April. The auditors received a particularly warm welcome and were very interested in the various presentations they were given, [...].

Mission Brussels for DSE and AED majors

The 'Economic Defence and Security' (DSE) and 'Armaments and Defence Security' (AED) majors in the first National Session travelled to Brussels, Belgium, as part of their European module. The trip, which took place against an extraordinary backdrop of crises for the European continent and its allies, enabled the students to [...]

The DSE major on a mission in Normandy

The IHEDN's DSE major concluded its mission in Normandy with a packed programme organised by the regional prefecture in Rouen. Issues facing the regional aeronautics industry (NAE), the exemplary case of the bug-bounty start-up YesWeHack, energy and transformation issues, the organisation and players involved in economic security in the region, and finally [...].