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Heading for the land of the rising sun for the maritime issues and strategies major in the 2e IHEDN national session

À bord de l’USS Blue Ridge

At the helm of the 'Maritime Issues and Strategies' major, Prefect Denis Conus, Deputy Director of the IHEDN, has set course for the Land of the Rising Sun. This country was obviously not chosen at random for the 'world' mission of the major, as it occupies a strategic position within the Indo-Pacific zone, is closely linked to France by a strategic partnership of the utmost importance and its maritime character is perfectly in line with the interests of the auditors.

232e session in French Guiana

The 48 auditors from the session in French Guiana met in Cayenne on 23 May 2023 for the launch of this training course organised by the Institut des hautes études de défense nationale (IHEDN), with the support of the Ministry for Overseas France (DGOM).

Stopover in Pays de la Loire for the IHEDN "Maritime issues and strategies" major

Les auditeurs de la majeure "Enjeux et stratégies maritimes" (ESM) de la 2e session nationale ont mis le cap vers les Pays de la Loire pour un séminaire de deux jours à Nantes et Saint-Nazaire les vendredi 12 et samedi 13 mai 2023.

On Friday 12 and Saturday 13 May 2023, students in the 2nd national session of the "Maritime Issues and Strategies" (ESM) major headed for the Pays de la Loire for a two-day seminar in Nantes and Saint-Nazaire. This region is a model of dynamism in the maritime sector, with nuggets in shipbuilding, marine renewable energies and innovative marine technologies. The region is also home to a key SNSM organisation: its national training centre.

2050: virtual competition between major powers for students of the "Maritime Issues and Strategies" major

Les auditeurs déployant leur stratégie sur l’échiquier mondial

Gathered at the École Militaire for two days on 6 and 7 April, the students of the "Maritime Issues and Strategies" major took part in two major events in their training: a meeting with the Secretary General for the Sea (SGMer), Prefect Didier LALLEMENTand a Serious Game designed and hosted by Pierre RAZOUXacademic director of the FMES Institute and an internationally renowned specialist in Serious Games.

The 'Maritime issues and strategies' major makes a stopover at the heart of the European institutions

Listeners to channel 2 receive their second set of hearing aids outside Francee The national session of the 'Maritime Issues and Strategies' major took them to Brussels from 27 to 29 March. Between two days of reflection at the heart of the European institutions, a trip on Tuesday 28th took them to the Netherlands, a maritime Member State of the European Union (EU) par excellence, which has built its prosperity on maritime trade.

Maritime spaces faced with the triptych of competition-contestation-clash.

In October 2021, General Burkhard, Chief of the Defence Staff, presented his "strategic vision". He warned of a profound change in the strategic context, in which the notion of conflict is becoming more complex, diffuse and permanent: "Conflicts used to be based on a 'peace-crisis-war' model. Nowadays, it's more like a triptych of 'competition-contestation-clash' (...). Through this analysis, General Burkhard points to the need to adapt our defence tools to forms of conflict that break with the model for which our armies were calibrated.

Because of their specific nature and growing importance, maritime areas are at the forefront of this new dynamic of power relations, where a multitude of players are using hybrid strategies to upset existing balances, without necessarily resorting to open conflict.

The 2e integrated national session begins module 2: strategy players and resources

The participants in the national session met at the École Militaire on 13 and 14 October to look more closely at the players and resources involved in the strategy. The first round table brought together H.E. Mr Théo RYCROFT and H.E. Mr Martin SCHÄFER, respectively from the UK and German embassies in France, two ministers from the French Ministry of Defence and the French Ministry of Defence.

"Maritime issues directly affect our populations".

Vice-admiral (2s) Gérard Valin is head of the "Maritime Issues and Strategies" major at the Institut des hautes études de défense nationale (IHEDN). A former admiral commanding the Indian Ocean maritime zone, he deciphers current developments in the maritime domain, which has become an area of confrontation.