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Couverture du livre "Technopolitique"

A researcher at the École des hautes études en sciences sociales, the author defends the idea that hypervelocity technologies, both civilian and military, are turning each and every one of us into soldiers. In her view, our brains have become the ultimate battlefield. She proposes to think this through, because it is nothing less than the [...]

Brothers in arms

Couverture de livre "Frères d'armes"

L’auteur de cet ouvrage a participé, en tant que médecin militaire pendant une trentaine d’années, aux principales opérations extérieures de l’armée française : Afghanistan, Mali, Centrafrique, ex-Yougoslavie. Son récit est un témoignage du rôle du médecin chargé d’intervenir, en temps de guerre, auprès des soldats et des populations locales.  CLERVOY Patrick, Paris, Odile Jacob, 2024 Plus […]

The Muslim Brotherhood and the test of power - Egypt, Tunisia (2011-2021)

Livre Les Frères musulmans à l’épreuve du pouvoir - Egypte, Tunisie (2011-2021)

In Egypt and Tunisia, the Muslim Brotherhood were the big winners of the "Arab Spring" of 2011. A few months after the uprisings, which they had not anticipated, elections brought them to power. So what happened between their unexpected arrival at the head of the two states and their brutal ousting, supported by the [...]

The acceleration of history - the geostrategic knots of a world out of control

Livre L’accélération de l’Histoire - les nœuds géostratégiques d’un monde hors de contrôle

A dual geopolitical and geo-economic acceleration is underway, against a backdrop of growing Sino-American rivalry, Sino-Russian rapprochement, the strengthening of NATO and the political emergence of the "global South". The author highlights the dangers of these pivotal areas where vital trade is concentrated: the China Seas, with its flow of microprocessors through the Straits of [...].

Geopolitics of the environment

Livre Géopolitique de l’environnement

Our entry into the Anthropocene - this new geological era characterised by the unprecedented influence of human societies on the planet's natural cycles - is having profound repercussions on international relations. Climate change, loss of biodiversity: the effects of the ecological crisis and the pollution caused by extractivism are multiplying and provoking [...]

Economics of war

Livre Économie de la guerre

Is it economically rational for political entities to choose the path of destructive conflict rather than that of mutually beneficial exchange and cooperation? Defence economics was created to answer this fundamental question, which has long been overshadowed by the work of the 'founding fathers' of economics. As such, [...]

The near war - when France and the United States clashed, 1798-1800

, La quasi-guerre - quand la France et les États-Unis s’affrontaient,1798-1800

Who knows that France and the United States once clashed? In the second half of the 1790s, these two allied powers came into open conflict. Although war was never officially declared, the French and Americans clashed in naval battles on both sides of the Atlantic and captured more and more ships.

Religious coexistence - why is it so difficult?

Livre La cohabitation des religions - pourquoi est-elle si difficile ?

You can kill in the name of God! We have recently rediscovered this through acts of terrorism and new wars of religion, in France and elsewhere. In the Western world today, many believe that believers should renounce their claim to truth. Wouldn't exclusivism, according to which only one religion is true, inevitably lead to intolerance [...]?

NAPOLEON - Memoirs

Live Napoléon - Mémoires

The third and final volume of Napoleon's Memoirs opens with the Emperor's abdication, forced to leave Fontainebleau for the island of Elba. This forced exile did nothing to dampen Napoleon's spirit of conquest, and all he could think about was returning to Paris. After a campaign lasting almost a hundred days and Waterloo, the imperial adventure finally came to an end [...].