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The Year of National Defence 2024 (ADN 2024)

L'Année de la Défense Nationale 2024 (ADN 2024)

The resurgence of high-intensity warfare in Europe and the weakening of both Western economies and democracies have brought defence concerns back to the fore. The aim is to put the events of 2022 into perspective over time, and to analyse them through the eyes of the best experts in the field.

France and the war in space

La France face à la guerre dans l’espace

In issue 9, Esprit Défense focuses on the space challenges of war, but also on the deep sea and cyber. ESPRIT DÉFENSE, Autumn 2023 Read more

Weygand - The intransigent


Weygand is a key figure in understanding the two world wars. In the light of new archives, Max Schiavon revisits this controversial figure, from the trenches of 1914 to the Vistula, the Armistice of June 1940, his arrest by the Gestapo in 1942 and his treason trial in 1948. Taillandier, November 2023 Max SCHIAVON [...]

Henry Kissinger - The diplomat of the century

Gérard ARAUD, Henry Kissinger

National Security Adviser and then Secretary of State under Nixon, Kissinger played a major role in American international policy during the Cold War. This is a portrait of a man who left his mark on his time. Texto, January 2023 Gérard ARAUD Further information

Terrorism in France, a history from the 19th to the 21st century

France is the only country to have experienced all types of terrorism since the end of the 19th century. Because terrorism arouses fear, we are tempted to see it as an irrational phenomenon, which makes it difficult to understand. Organisations and strategies, profiles of targets and sponsors, police repression and political responses [...]

Taiwan and China. Towards war?

Obsessed with asserting his power and taking revenge on the past, the Chinese president dreams of "reunifying the country" by 2049. Yet former Formosa has never been part of the People's Republic of China and only 5 % of its inhabitants "feel Chinese". To grasp the geopolitical issues at stake, we [...]

French deterrence in the third nuclear age

The Russian-Ukrainian conflict has seen a resurgence of talk about Russia's offensive use of nuclear weapons. The resumption of more direct opposition between nuclear powers is bringing its own share of changes. This raises the question of French nuclear weapons in this new context. FRS, October 2023 Emmanuelle MAITRE Further information