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Strategic intelligence


Institutional documents

25 recommendations for AI in France

The Commission makes 25 recommendations to the public authorities, 7 of which are priorities if France wants to lead the drive for collective appropriation and deployment of the full potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in Europe. The aim is to promote a "French AI ecosystem"...

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Opinion survey on security, defence and NATO conducted in 2023 among the population of Alliance countries

In 2023, as in previous years, NATO conducted a survey to find out how the citizens of Alliance countries view defence and security issues. A large number of respondents believe that being a member of NATO reduces the risk...

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Cyber threat panorama 2023

This third edition of the Cyberthreat Panorama describes the main trends observed in 2023 by the French National Agency for Information Systems Security (ANSSI). This document focuses on the intentions of attackers, their capabilities and the opportunities exploited to compromise systems...

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The European Defence Industrial Strategy

For the first time, a defence industrial strategy is being prepared at European Union level. Accompanied by a European Defence Industry Programme (SIDP), this strategy aims to support the competitiveness and preparation of the DTIB-E. Its aim is to encourage...

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Focus on Ukraine

Meatgrinder: Russian Tactics in the Second Year of Its Invasion of Ukraine

This report examines the adaptation of Russian tactics in the war in Ukraine and the challenges this poses for the Ukrainian armed forces. It offers a precise military interpretation of the transformation of combat in this conflict. Special Report, WATLING Jack, REYNOLDS NickRUSI, 19 May 2023. See

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Point of no Return? The Transformation of the Global Order after the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

In this report, a dozen Polish experts look at the transformation of the...

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The Russo-Ukrainian War. The Return of History

Historian and professor of Ukrainian and Eastern European history at the University of...

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The bear and the fox. An immediate history of the war in Ukraine

This book offers a military analysis of the Russian-Ukrainian war. While...

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Israeli army facing its limits

LE COLLIMATEUR, with Michel GOYA, 12 March 2024 Listen

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Europe in the war economy: how many divisions?

FRANCE INTER, with Renaud BELLAIS (ENSTA Bretagne), 6 March...

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A new era for maritime power

Geopolitics, with Matthieu DUCHÂTEL (Institut Montaigne), Admiral Marc-Antoine DE...

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Conquering at sea in the 21st century - Part 3: Conducting operations

ECHO, with Thibault LAVERNHE, Executive Officer of the aircraft carrier...

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The articles

"Putin's industry and war: deconstructing a myth"

Using figures, the author presents the development of the arms industry...

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"For effective European economic security"

Based on interviews with decision-makers, François Godement deciphers the European debates...

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"The French army in the Sahel: a doctrinal corpus put to the test"

The author of this text sets out to assess the relevance of the doctrinal framework...

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"Why France will not offer Europe a "nuclear umbrella"

This article examines and deciphers the European dimension of nuclear deterrence...

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What we read

livre "Comment s’élabore une politique mondiale : dans les coulisses de l’ONU"

How global policy is made: behind the scenes at the UN

28 March 2024

Decision-making within the UN is often misunderstood, and is shown here in all its complexity. There are conflicting interests, different...

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livre " Indopacifique, région stratégique"

Indopacific, a strategic region

28 March 2024

The Indo-Pacific covers half the globe, is home to half the world's population, has a large share of critical resources...

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Livre "Les mondes du renseignement"

The worlds of intelligence

28 March 2024

If intelligence has never been so open to the outside world, yet still seems so unintelligible and uncertain, it's because...

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Couverture du livre "Soldat de la cyberguerre"

Cyberwar soldier

11 March 2024

As the first ComCyber, it tells the story of the beginnings of France's cyberdefence system, and how it was rapidly built up to...

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