Scientific prizes

Les Prix scientifiques de l'IHEDN

The winners of the 2022-2023 science prizes

For the "theses" category

First prize


Under the seal of secrecy. International cooperation between the British and French military and naval ciphers during the First World War

Sorbonne University (history thesis directed by Olivier Fourcade).

For the "Master 2 research dissertations" category

First prize


Aiming for the moon. Turkey's space ambitions

INALCO (dissertation in foreign languages, literature and civilisations, directed by Alexandre Toumarkine)

Special prize

LAUNAY, Maxime

A new army ? The Left and the French Army (1968-1985). Anti-militarism, civil liberties and national defence

Sorbonne University (history thesis directed by Olivier Dard)

Since 1998, the Institut des hautes études de défense nationale (IHEDN) has awarded annual scientific prizes created at the instigation of the Secrétariat général de la défense et de la sécurité nationale (SGDSN).

work on defence and security in all disciplines of the humanities and social sciences

recent research,
the most promising and innovative

expert knowledge for audiences wishing to deepen their understanding of these issues


The scientific prizes awarded by the Institut des hautes études de défense nationale (IHEDN) are designed to highlight research into defence, security, international relations, foreign policy, armaments and defence economics.

They also foster links between IHEDN and the academic world.

Created in 1998, each year these prizes are awarded to researchers at Masters II and PhD level whose work, defended during the year, advances knowledge in the humanities and social sciences.

Applications are examined by a jury made up of academics and qualified personalities appointed by the Director of the IHEDN. Winners are selected on the basis of the criteria set out in the competition rules.