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"Understanding in order to act, understanding each other in order to act together".


To encourage and promote the commitment of our listeners to the service of the nation and the State, as well as their long-term involvement in spreading the spirit of defence in our country.


To provide high-calibre auditors with excellent training, aimed at refining their understanding of defence and security issues and fostering strategic thinking on these complex challenges.


To recruit auditors throughout the country from all spheres of society and from a variety of business sectors, driven by a shared desire to think and act together to defend the country's strategic interests and work to strengthen national cohesion.

Openness to otherness

Opening up to different cultures

Stimulate questioning

Put yourself in a position to go beyond your specific sphere of expertise and put your initial point of view into perspective

Decompartmentalising knowledge

Bringing together worlds that are often separated and usually don't talk to each other.


Encourage the exchange of ideas, the sharing of experience and the pooling of skills

Forging a common defence culture based on shared values

Weaving a network of solid relationships between auditors, united by the same desire for lasting commitment to the service of the country.


To ensure, within the various training sessions and cycles, the conditions for freedom of thought and expression conducive to the development of an informed and contradictory debate on defence and security issues, while ensuring compliance with the rules of loyalty, discretion and neutrality implicit in the military status.

Respect for confidentiality

To demand the confidentiality of the information exchanged, particularly since the lectures given to the audience, whether civilian or military, are subject to the Chatham House Rule.