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Auditors' work

2021-2022: Young IHEDN members

2020-2021 : 57e AED

Extraterritoriality and economic coercion.

Committee 2
What are the solutions for France and Europe when faced with international practices involving the extraterritoriality of law?
On 30 June 2014, BNP pleaded guilty to two counts and to pay a record fine of nearly $9 billion as part of a settlement with the US judicial authorities.

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France's sovereignty in 2050. How is the armaments sector changing?

Committee 6
Back in 2008, in its report Global trends 2025: a Transformed World, the US National Intelligence Council (NIC) warned of the very high probability of a pandemic occurring before 2025, originating in a region of the world with a high human population density marked by promiscuity between humans and animals, such as China. The SARS COV2 or Covid-19 pandemic proved him right.

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Defence for Europe: harmonising the capability response

Committee 1
If we consider Europe as a geographical entity, its collective security rests on the two pillars of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), a politico-military alliance focused on the collective defence of its members, and the European Union (EU), a political and economic partnership that has extended its action to the security of its territory and its populations. In a changing geostrategic and political context (Brexit, the United States' Asian pivot, the global health crisis, etc.), European states have many different perceptions of European defence, especially given their different memberships in different organisations and their different post-World War II histories.

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2019-2020 : 5e ESM



For its fifth national session on "Maritime Challenges and Strategies" in 2019-2020, IHEDN has chosen a particular focus: the impact of climate change and protection of the marine environment on defence and security issues.

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2019-2020 : 72e POLDEF

Anticipating and preventing the security dimensions of climate change

Committee 6-1
The aggravation of existing stresses, the real risk of France becoming involved in resolving crises linked to climate change, the strain on the State budget and potential price inflation, as well as the possibility of having to intervene on several fronts at the same time, have led the authors of this report to make 10 recommendations relating to the national territory and the conduct of domestic and external operations from a strategic perspective.

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Citizens and institutions in the event of a major threat to national defence and security following large-scale climatic events. How can such a crisis be anticipated, prevented and managed?

Committee 1-2
The auditors from Comité 1-2 carried out a simulation exercise to highlight the impact of a series of major climatic events on the cohesion and resilience of French society. Based on a scenario, they put forward a number of recommendations on how best to anticipate and prevent this type of crisis.

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