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IHEDN Scientific Awards 2023

Once again this year, we received a very large number of applications, from a wide range of disciplines and schools all over the country. We would like to extend our warmest thanks to all those who took part.
Prix Scientifiques de l’IHEDN 2021

Thesis category

First prize 

COUDERC, Agathe : Under the seal of secrecy. International cooperation between the British and French military and naval ciphers during the First World War

Sorbonne University (history thesis directed by Olivier Fourcade).

Master 2 Research Thesis" category

First prize 

CANIAUX, Claire :Aiming for the moon. Turkey's space ambitions

INALCO (dissertation in foreign languages, literature and civilisations, directed by Alexandre Toumarkine)

Special prize

LAUNAY, Maxime :A new army ? The Left and the French Army (1968-1985). Anti-militarism, civil liberties and national defence

Sorbonne University (history thesis directed by Olivier Dard)