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The aim of this event is to bring together foreign ambassadors in Paris on a regular basis for a breakfast conference on issues relating to defence and security policy and international relations, in order to set out France's positions on these subjects.

Priority is given to senior civil servants or French senior officers and generals, under the Chatham House rule.
IHEDN - Briefing des ambassadeurs

Briefing for ambassadors

22 FEBRUARY 2023
15 participants "The challenges of disinformation - What prospects for cooperation?
Colonel Marc-Antoine Brillant, Deputy Head of the Viginum Agency.

Briefing for ambassadors

15 NOVEMBER 2022
33 participants "What prospects for French military space strategy?
Air Force Major General Philippe Adam, Space Commander.
21e Briefing des ambassadrices et des ambassadeurs

Briefing for ambassadors

25 participants "One year after the Taliban took Kabul: what lessons can be learned?
Ambassador David Martinon, French Ambassador to Afghanistan