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Think strategic - the ACADEM podcast

Think Strategic is a podcast that examines defence and security issues. Every month, Daniel Desesquelle interviews experts, researchers and senior military figures to discuss the major strategic issues of the day and gain a better understanding of how the world is progressing.

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28 June 2024 / 58 minutes

On 4 April, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) celebrated its 75th anniversary. This anniversary came at a time when NATO was faced with an exceptional situation: Russia's invasion of Ukraine. For the first time in its history, NATO is facing a long, high-intensity war on its border.

24 May 2024 / 45 minutes

In this new episode of Pensez stratégique, our guests decipher a technology that speaks to us all, artificial intelligence (AI), in a specific field: defence. How has it changed the battlefield? How are the French armed forces positioning themselves in terms of AI? Daniel Desesquelle talks to Bertrand Rondepierre, Director of the Ministerial Agency for Defence AI (AMIAD) and Admiral Pierre Vandier, Major General of the French Armed Forces.

19 April 2024 / 49 minutes

In this fifth episode of Pensez Stratégique, we delve into the heart of intelligence. DGSE, DGSI, DRM, DRSD... What is the role of these entities? How does intelligence fit into a democratic world? How is it evolving in the face of the challenges of a chaotic world?

28 March 2024 / 43 minutes

In this fourth episode, following on from the Paris Defence and Strategy Forum, Daniel Desesquelle and his three guests discuss the defence of the European Union in current European conflicts.

22 February 2024 / 57 minutes

In this third edition of Pensez Stratégique, the podcast of the Defence Academy of the École Militaire (ACADEM), Daniel Desesquelle and his three guests analyse the consequences of the deadliest conflict on our continent since the Second World War.

11 January 2024 / 52 minutes

For its second edition, the Pensez stratégique podcast from the Defence Academy of the École Militaire (ACADEM) takes you into space.

1st December 2023 / 53 minutes

For its first issue, the Pensez stratégique podcast from the École militaire's Defence Academy (ACADEM) looks at France's place in the Indo-Pacific.