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Sessions international (defence policy)

In partnership with the Directorate for Security and Defence Cooperation (DCSD), the IHEDN organises international defence policy sessions according to defined geographical areas: the International Session for the Balkans (SIB), the IHEDN Forum on the African Continent (FICA), the International Session for the Indo-Pacific (SIIP), which are held annually, and, on a more occasional basis, the International Session for Latin America (SIAL) and the International Session for the Middle East (SIMO).  

These sessions are training and influence diplomacy tools. They are designed to raise awareness of French defence and security policies among foreign elites. Civilian and military leaders from countries and regional organisations in the above-mentioned geographical areas are invited, alongside French auditors, to attend conferences, committee work and field visits. The aim is to give the auditors an overview of the capabilities and know-how of our armies and internal security forces. All of this is governed by the Chatham House Rule to guarantee freedom of expression for both listeners and speakers.