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International Session on the Indo-Pacific (SIIP)

Since 2020, the IHEDN has been organising an international session for the Indopacific (SIIP), following on from the previous Asia Middle East sessions (SIAMO). It is part of the development of a narrative for French foreign policy and strategic vision in the Indopacific region since the speech by the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, on the Garden Island naval base.


  • Discover France's approach to defence, security and international relations on the continent
  • Discuss future prospects in relation to the year's issues
  • Sharing French operational know-how with a view to developing future defence and security cooperation agreements
  • To encourage the emergence and consolidation of a privileged cooperation network as part of an active diplomacy in this geographical area.

Target audience

Senior civil and military officials, representatives of civil society and local organisations: politicians, diplomats, military personnel, police and security force officials, entrepreneurs, directors of research institutes, etc.

Admission: on file

Prerequisites :

  • Level of responsibility
  • Professional experience relevant to the issues addressed

Main themes

  • Integrating the French overseas territories into their regional environment
  • Strategic partnerships with France
  • Cross-cutting threats in the Indopacific
  • France and the Indo-Pacific: new challenges and joint responses

Educational triptych

  • Conferences and debates, round tables
  • Visits to military or civil-military sites (civil security, etc.)
  • Committee work: the aim is to produce a simplified written report which is presented orally by the auditors at the end of the session.

The next session

  • 18 to 22 November 2024